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A modern man should not have to worry that the grooming products he uses contain ingredients that gamble with his health. At JH Grooming, we want our customers to look good, be happy and help them be healthy. That’s why we ensured that our range doesn’t contain any unpleasant or unnecessary ingredients that are bad for a man’s hair or body. Our CLEAN LABEL promise ensures that. We choose to formulate our products without the ingredients that, while not adding any performance or skincare benefit, could compromise a man’s wellbeing. Our products do not contain Parabens, Sulphates, PEG’s, Phthalates or Synthetic Dyes.


How To Use The JH Grooming Beard Balm

How To Use The JH Grooming Beard Balm The JH Grooming beard balm is a great all-in-one beard moisturizer, conditioner and styling aid That is especially helpful for people who want their beards to look thicker. For best results, wash your beard with an...

How To Use & Benefits The JH Grooming Shaving Oil

BLOG: How To Use The JH Grooming Shaving Oil For a Bump Free, Cleaner, Smoother Shave Sick of dealing with ingrown hairs, redness, and other shave irritation? Join the club. Too many men suffer from itchy red rashes - especially on their necks - after shaving. And the...

How To Use JH Pomade

JH Pomade Pomade is one of the most commonly used words to describe men’s hair styling products today. Now whether or not the the word 'pomade' is used correctly is a completely different story, in general, it seems to be the catch-all term to describe anything that’s...

Healthy Food For Men’s Hair & Beard

JH Grooming tips help to prevent hair loss and how to eat your way to fuller, stronger hair. Food for healthy hair needs to be rich in a variety of vitamins and nutrients which will help maintain health and strength. If you have thinning hair these foods won’t make...

How To Use JH Salt Spray

How To Use JH Salt Spray The less appealing it becomes to use a heavy, high hold hair styling clay or wax. THE JH Grooming sea salt spray is great for creating a textured look from your natural hair, leaving you with a beachy matte hairstyle.  The product also won’t...

How To Use JH Grooming Clay

How To Use JH Grooming Clay BLOG If you’re looking for a revolutionary styling product, this is the one for you. JH Grooming offers high performance products, that are concentrated and tailored to the specific needs of men. The JH Grooming Matte Clay product will...

The Benefits of JH Beard Oil

Despite what some people may think, beard care is essential for maintaining healthy facial hair. In fact, it’s just as important to take care of the hair on your face as it is the hair on your head. One of the easiest products to use to keep everything...


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