About Us

Founded in 2016, JH Grooming is a new stylish, premium and sophisticated brand that skillfully blends form and function.

The Brand is lead by creative director Jamie Holgate, who has been in development of the game changing hair care system and draws on the most advanced science and industry innovations to deliver the very best products for all hair types.

We are passionate & proud of our products and have spent time really understanding what the modern gentlemen needs.

We make the majority of our products by hand in small batches and we are proud to say we fragrance our products using complex blends of premium essential oils that create very special unique fragrances. Our luxury products are crafted in the UK and are made from natural oils and ingredients that provide nourishing and moisturising benefits to the hair and skin as well as making gents look and feel great.

Our product range includes:

Beard products – beard oil, beard balm & beard wash. 

Shaving products – shaving gel, shaving cream, shave soap.

Skin products – Face wash, scrub, black charcoal mask & moisturizer.

Hair styling products – grooming clay, matt clay, texture paste, defining cream, pomade, sea salt spray, fixing spray, hair dust, shampoo & conditioner.

Our brand is clean, simple and fresh letting our products speak for themselves. We have a range of gift sets & products to cover all aspects of male grooming from beard care, shaving, skin care & hair care – so we have a gift set or product that really will suit any man’s need.

Why We Make It?

The most important thing to us is you; we pride ourselves on our personal friendly customer service and your happiness means everything to us. Who really value your custom and want to exceed your expectations.

The JH Grooming products are formed to cover every man’s styling needs. Our barbers crafted the range as a direct response to the average, same-same products on the market.

Each JH Grooming range is designed to create a specific, different look. Technical enough for expert barbers, pliable and easy enough to use at home.



JH Grooming also presents the revolutionary transition between precision barbering and contemporary hairdressing. A fusion of technical skill and commitment to bridge the gap from the traditional barbershop and the modern hair salon.

As a result; here at JH Grooming in Barnoldswick Lancashire, we work hard to ensure that we meet and exceed the demands of the modern professional. The Jamie Holgate team have been finely selected for their strong skill set and dedication for the precision.

You Get What We Put In!

Finally we know how much beautiful hair means to you and JH is bespoke hair brand that champions quality over anything else!

 email: sales@jamieholgate.com